Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Household Happenings: The Weekend Edition

This weekend I had a lot to do around the house and since the weather was not so nice, it was a good time to get things done. One of my random projects was to change the light in the 10' ceiling above my kitchen sink. It's one of those recessed flood lights. I have to bring in my 6' ladder to do the job. It's one of those late Friday nights when you bring in the ladder take out the old bulb and THEN check the closet for the replacement bulb. I decided to just leave the ladder in the kitchen (which plays later into the story) vs. packing it up and back to the garage, until I could buy one, which was on my way home tonight with my 11:00 pm stop to Kroger (fewer people - I am an introvert.)
Friday night became more interesting when my grumpy old dog Checkers decided that his skin allergy was too much and climbed under my bed to stand up and scratch his back on the underside of my bed. One that's nasty and two it makes it difficult to go to sleep. I got up and tried to call him out but then he started growling. Once I persuaded him to come out, I decided I needed to keep him from going back under. Fortunately, the recycling pile in the garage has gotten a bit out of control. So as you can see, I have barricaded the underside of my bed to keep my rebellious pet out. 
Then to add to the randomness, last night (Saturday) I was climbing into bed just before midnight and I had a vision for bread bowls. I climbed out of bed, pajama clad, wandered into my ladder-consumed kitchen to make a dough starter. Here's the links I'm consulting: How To Cook Like Your Grandmother and Sourdough Baking. I'm not sure how this will go and am expecting to have to throw it out and start again. My friend Heather shared with me some Amish Friendship Bread recipes that I'm hoping to try but I'm really just in it to have a new "pet" that I have to feed on a regular basis.
Now the weekend is over, the light bulb is replaced with one of those fancy energy saving ones (I'm trusting to marketing on that one) and the ladder is in the garage. And poor Checkers is still forbidden to crawl under the bed.

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asimplereverie said...

good luck with the energy saving light bulb! we have had several that don't last a month, much less the 5 yrs that they advertise... so disappointing! hope you have better luck with yours!