Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Adventures In Bowling Green

I had to take my dog to stay with the "grandparents" in Bowling Green. If that was the only thing the day held, Bowling Green would have lived up to its name of "Boring Green." However, the unassuming morning had more in store. Mom and I were on our way to lunch and were stopped at one of the more heavily traveled intersections in town (Broadway and the By-Pass). As we were discussing lunch options, we hear a boom behind us. Mom describes it as a bomb going off, but I knew there had been an accident behind us. I was just trying to figure out in half a second how close it was and if we might be in it. Just as I decided to hold tight to the break, there was the jolt from behind. My first thought was "poor car behind me has just encountered my very stable and destructive trailer hitch." My sweet, compassionate mother jumps out to go check on everyone. I am in task mode calling 911. Mom returns to tell me that everyone is ok but the accident instigator doesn't speak English. Well, I have lots of experience communicating with people of different languages. Fortunately, they speak some type of African French. Who would have thought in "Boring" Green?
I have actually been in one other accident before. It was exactly the same thing except we were in a funeral procession on Briley Parkway in Nashville. Not so fun. Same thing: poor guy behind me is rear-ended and meets un-happily with said trailer hitch. However, the "accident instigator" was a good friend of mine and her car was totaled. Today, there was barely any damage to any one's car. The sad part was when the guy who caused the accident then told me and the police officer in broken English: "She (the drive who hit me) reversed into me." I still assume the best in people and was surprised that he would lie. So there went my compassion and my terrible translation skills. I'm just glad he had a driver's license and insurance.
Mom and I ended up eating at A Taste of Europe on State Street. I highly recommend it. Great gyros and service. Then, I visited my precious 95 year old great-grandmother. I have no idea what she's hanging around for. God must have some reason to let her stay so long. And I got my exercise in by helping Dad finish digging a 600 foot plus trench from the house out to our hay barn to put in faucets to water the cows. My friend Mandy's super-cool iTouch has a calorie calculator so some sort and it says I burned over 900 calories digging for 2 hours. I love manual labor - progress and exercise all in one!

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