Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
There's nothing like living overseas and getting to spend Spring Break in another country.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back in the USA

I have officially been on US soil for over a month and thought I needed to write something to state that. So why have I not written any thing during that time, you may ask. First off, I have not had internet access at home so the blog gets pushed to the back of internet usage time. Thanks to my generous neighbors Bryan and Elizabeth, I can borrow theirs (they're the ones that keep telling me that I can use their pool anytime I want but I'm not sure about going to someone's house when they're not home). Then, we can say that July has been a crazy month with no stability and August is not turning out any better except that I have started working at my church, Fellowship Bible Church. Since I have been home I have gone through the normal unpacking a year's worth of stuff, sorting through a year's worth of mail and settling into a life that no one seems to know that you left for that long. Even I have begun to wonder if it was just another 6 week summer project to Sweden or if I dreamed the whole year. I have also spent the last month adjusting to American culture: too much stuff, too many choices (yes, the cereal isle here is insane and the bread isle is probably worse), no mandatory recycling and composting (I tried to compost for the first week I was here but then realized I didn't have anywhere to put it except with the regular trash anyway), driving my car, and loudness. Everyone asks, "Aren't you glad to be back?" Base on the previous, you can imagine that yes is not quick to roll off the tongue although I am glad to be back. Yet, I miss Sweden. I miss my Swedish friends and, of course, my Swedish bike and the bike lanes.
I have also been traveling a lot and will be until September. Mostly I have been trying to meet with my donors to get all of my support moved from Campus Crusade to FBC. But I have gotten to go to Florida to visit my sister who lives in Tampa. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean a trip to the beach. Jamie has got to be the palest Floridian down there. I have also made a trip to my old Kentucky home. I love going there to visit and I love that my parents still live on the same farm they brought me home to when I was born. For now I'm back in the Boro at my house and it's good to be back here. It's always good to come back home, wherever that may be.